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It was all about Matt Nathanson and Train
It was all about Matt Nathanson and Train

Last week I was dealing with migraines. To the point where I actually had to go into the doctor’s office to get shots. My biggest concern was being ok for Friday. Because Friday…was all about Train and Matt Nathanson at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand.

I was ready for the show! I was feeling better and my friend Joy was ready to join me. Before the show, my friend Matt Nathanson came to chat at the STAR tent on the air. ((I am calling him my friend, he would probably call me that crazy fan girl from that radio station in Des Moines…but whatever))

I have his last release Modern Love on vinyl, and his newest creation Last Of The Great Pretenders on vinyl as well. He is a fellow music geek like I am. He collects vinyl. I even tried to win a contest thru preordering this new record. I didn’t win and was obviously sad. (He randomly sent 20 of his favorite vinyl records to fans with a letter attached telling them why he love that particular record…and for a music freak like me that would have been priceless!)

So here is the audio of those precious moments I got with Matt before the concert. Yes, I know I sound like fan girl. You will be able to hear it at the bottom of this blog!

Matt Nathans

Thanks to Jimmy Wright for allowing me to jump in the middle of his shift and chat with Matt! I wish I had gotten a better picture with Matt, but he had to get to soundcheck. I did make him sign my vinyl records though. He wrote on one ‘to my Queen’. Love that man!

Then there was the live show. Matt was amazing. Who else would have the entire crowd channeling their inner Whitney Houston? We had pretty good seats for the show, and before Train took the stage we got to go backstage and say Hi.

train 2013 backstage

I am pretty sure I lost my voice from singing along to each and every Train song. Here are some photos we took from our seats.

train 2013 jimmy

2013 ISF

The band treated us with really good seats. I think at the point that they broke into Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s hit ‘Can’t Hold Us’ I had completely lost my voice. Not to show my age, but I remember them as a new band and playing them at a radio station in Denver when ‘Meet Virginia’ first came out. I have everything they ever put out. Pat’s solo cd? Yeah, I have it. Rare acoustic versions? Yup…got those too. Somewhere I have a version of Hey Soul Sister that the guys played for me on a phone interview years ago.

At one point in the show Pat grabbed my friend Joy’s phone and took a picture of us. And yes, that is my hand blocking Joy’s face. I felt awful about it, but she was sooo cool about the whole thing. The fact that he held her phone was enough for her.

photo of us

This photo will always make me laugh and giggle! We were like little school girls at our first concert.

Joy and I

Now to switch gears….kindergarten. Rhi’s first day is tomorrow. I will not cry despite the predictions of many. She is so excited! Tonight is an Ice Cream Social for her to meet her teacher and take her things to her desk. How do I have a kindergartener? As many of you advised on Facebook, I am not going to take a bribe to the teacher. I will let her make her own first impression.

Mrs. Havener…I wish you the best of luck with my baby. (I will not cry!)


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