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It’s all about trust
It’s all about trust

There are two people that I am completely loyal too, outside of my family. My hairdresser and my mechanic. When I first moved to Des Moines over 10 years ago, I was most concerned with finding a hairdresser and someone to fix my car. The rest I could deal with.

I’ve known my hairdresser for almost 10 years now. (Joey at Moda rocks out a hair cut and color like NOONE!) To go somewhere else would be like cheating on a spouse.

But the point of this blog is all about trust. As a female, I will readily admit I know nothing about cars. When I moved here I was still single and always called my Dad with questions about my car. He is in South Dakota,  so really not able to take a look at things. And to be honest, he doesn’t know anything about cars either. So I desperately needed to find someone I could trust to take care of my car.

The only place I’ve trusted with my vehicle since living in Des Moines is All Pro Service Centers. I’m sharing this with you for a number of reasons. First of all, I think they deserve your business. You are going to hear me talking a lot about them on the air. I wouldn’t attach my name to anything or anyone that I’m not 150% behind. I’ve never had anyone that I’ve trusted as much as All Pro Service Centers.

You may think it’s because I work at a radio station. I think I went there for a couple of years before I even told them where I work. They treat all of their customers like family because they are family owned and operated. I remember a conversation I had with Pat, who used to run the West Des Moines location that I go to. I drove a Neon at the time and had a ton of issues with it. I was planning on driving home to South Dakota but didn’t have the money to fix everything I need to on my car before I left. Pat told me if I was his sister, he wouldn’t let me get on the road without taking care of one particular thing right away. He said the other two things we could handle over the upcoming months.  Pat now runs one of the other five All Pro Service Center locations, and his brother Chris runs my West Des Moines location now.

I’ve sent friends to them. I even had friends come in from out of town to visit and their car broke down while here. I called Pat and explained the situation and how they needed to get back on the road as soon as possible. Pat got them in and on the road quickly. They had a major issue with their vehicle, and All Pro Service Centers treated them like they had been loyal customers all along. My friends were blown away. And my friend Carter is a mechanic!

So yeah, I think they deserve your business.

Secondly, they have 5 locations in the metro. If you need to have work done, they will provide you with a ride to and from work. They will go that extra mile to make having work done on your vehicle as painless as possible.

Lastly, they are family owned and operated. You are going to be treated like a member of their family. Growing up in a small town in South Dakota, everyone knew me. They knew my Dad. You might have even gone to school with the guy working on your car. So there was this built in trust already there. And I found with All Pro Service Centers that I could completely trust them. Chris once told me that they give great customer service ‘because his Mom would kick their butts if they didn’t’. It’s true! She would! I met her last week and she said something that is sticking with me. She said no one wakes up and is excited to have work done on their car. But her goal was to make it as painless as possible.

I’ve blogged about All Pro Service Centers in the past because I really believe in them. Now that I’m actually endorsing them, I really want you to just give them a try. It really is weird how this all came to be. I never thought I would be endorsing a neighborhood shop on the radio. I really just felt that people didn’t know they were there! I’ve talked about them off the air for 10 years telling everyone I know how much I love this place. So I guess for 10 years I have actually been endorsing All Pro Service Centers!

They have 5 locations in the metro. The West Des Moines shop is my neighborhood shop. I can call for an oil change and get in right away. I always wait while they do the work. You will find me chatting with the staff and before I know it, my car is waiting out front for me. As I was sitting there the other day I started talking to another customer. Turns out he has been going there for about 10 years too! Doesn’t that tell you something? Now that I am married, my husband takes his vehicle there too.

Try All Pro Service Centers. It is all about great customer service and a place you can trust. They will treat you right! Find a location near you HERE and tell them you know Karess Carter. That will make them laugh!

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