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It’s time to Vote, to help the ARL and get skinny.
It’s time to Vote, to help the ARL and get skinny.

Voting has begun and I need your help! The Home and Garden show is next week at the Iowa  Events Center and my project is one of 5 in the Habitat for Humanity Restore Upcycle contest. Five media personalities took items from Restore and ‘upcycled’ them to new items. I took this hideous lamp from the 70’s and rewired it completely ((with the help of my lovely husband)) and created a brand new Tea Cup lamp. That works. You are crazy if you think that was an easy project. We drilled holes in cups, we rewired, we reworked, and swore a lot. Now in the picture you will see a tea pot in the middle. I had to remove it because the socket for the light was just too tight and created a stress fracture thru the pot. I was afraid it would shatter with the light on. So that is the only thing different. Had time allowed I would have found another tea pot and recreated it. But I would probably be going thru a divorce if I made my husband do one more thing with this lamp.



Now Jay Wells has an entry too. Vote for me. Not him. Please? Vote HERE

Now let’s switch gears and talk about something very cool the ARL is doing. They are making some amazing apples for Valentines Day that raise so much needed money for the ARL. Here is the scoop:

Hurry! Order Your Valentine’s Apples by February 6th!

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it; make sure to order Valentine’s Apples for your friends and family today! A large, tart apple is covered in caramel, dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and covered with crushed toffee. They are individually wrapped and tied with a pretty ribbon. This is a popular and delicious fundraiser for the ARL that provides you with the perfect gift for your loved one, a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor and don’t forget to get one for yourself too!

The ARL will be taking orders now through February 6th and apples will be ready for pick up just in time for Valentine’s Day. Apples are just $15 each which directly benefits all the animals at the ARL. How sweet is that? Order yours online at ARL-Iowa.org or stop in to any ARL location to place your order. 

Now they do need some help making the apples so you can volunteer to help as well! They need volunteers for two shifts on February 2 and February 9. They need help 4-8, and 8-11 both days. Must be 18 and you can call Brandi if you can help out! 515) 473-9101 –bbraune@arl-iowa.org

And lastly, let’s get skinny. Now I don’t want to wear skinny jeans or be model thin. Well, that isn’t true. I do, but I am not thinking that part will happen immediately. I am however working with Complete Nutrition and starting a new program to get me started on the right foot. You will hear me talking about what I’m taking and what I like about it. Let me upfront about this: I don’t endorse anything that I don’t like, take or believe in. I adore the staff at Complete Nutrition and feel that they are the best at helping people like me get started with getting in shape.

They know what medications I am on, and what my goals are. I am starting the CTS program. And I feel great! I have the energy I wanted during the day without feeling like I had 8  cups of coffee. I am not craving food at night. And I’m sleeping so much better. My journey with Complete Nutrition is just beginning and I will keep you up to date on what I am doing, and more importantly…how I am feeling.


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Excalibur Roofing comes prepared!

See pictures of my new roof thanks to Excalibur Roofing!

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