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I’ve got the best cure for a sore throat!
I’ve got the best cure for a sore throat!

So last week I started to feel like I was on the verge of picking up my daughter’s cold. She had been coughing for about 3 weeks, and I had managed to not to catch it. Until I did. Friday I started coughing a lot. Not painful, but the kind of irritation where you have to cough to clear your throat. Nothing a cough drop couldn’t handle. But I am notorious for getting throat infections from a botched tonsil removal surgery while in college. ((My tonsils were so large that by the time they tried to remove them they couldn’t be sure that they got all the tissue. They didn’t, and needless to say it still gets infected all the time.))

So Friday I started taking some daytime cold medicine. And as soon as I got home from work on Friday I started downing the nighttime ‘make you sleepy’ medicine. I had plans for an all day scrapbook event in Winterset with some friends. You start at 9am, and pretty much scrapbook until 9pm. I am still finishing up some calendars that were Xmas presents (so behind, I know!) and get started on Rhiannon’s scrapbooks. So Saturday morning I woke up and I knew I wasn’t good. I downed more medicine and brewed up some coffee. I threw my scrapbook supplies in the car with a few bags of cough drops. I told my husband I was going to try to make it the whole day.

I always have fun with the girls. ((Shout out to Teresa, Karen, Pam and Patti for making me laugh all day!)) We had a lot to work on so we coined the phrase ‘Slap and Scrap’ for when there isn’t time to think too much about the layout. Slap it down and move on! Now I am famous for having my name called last for door prizes and never winning any raffle prizes. But this time my name was one of the first for a door prize! So maybe this would be good! I worked on my calendars and got a really good start on a book detailing Rhiannon’s time in the hospital. After a few hours I started to get feverish and headachy….and I downed some Aleve to keep going. I ended up getting something like 23 pages done. After supper I started crashing hard. I knew I was going to leave after the raffles were drawn. And I won!! I won an embossing machine! Woo Hoo!

So on the way home I started to get really sick. I made it home for more nighttime ‘make you sleepy’ medicine and by this point had a sore throat. Sunday morning I woke up to razor blades in my throat. I had no voice and was coughing so hard I ended up cracking my back AND bruising some ribs. I had to pass up going to a friend’s bridal shower as I couldn’t get out of bed.

While laying in bed I occasionally got on the iPad and while on Pinterest I found a pin for a cure for sore throats. I was willing to try anything. This was all about jello. Yes, jello! You make a box of jello using 2 cups hot water per box. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved and add a Tablespoon of honey. Then drink it. The gelatin in the jello coats your throat and provides amazing relief. I went thru 6 boxes in the last few days and now I swear by it.

I got my voice back Monday night. I had taken Tuesday off to have a plumber come to the house and fix a leaky pipe in the basement ceiling, and fix under our kitchen sink. ¬†And I slept more in the last 3 days than I ever thought possible. I mean 18-20 hours a day. I was all about the jello, the hot tea and soup. I am finally starting to feel better. But I’m pretty sure I still reek of Vicks Vapor Rub! This is how I felt. Well not really but this makes me laugh.

Monica and Chandler

But while sick my husband got me hooked on The Walking Dead. How did I not know about this show? I watched the latest episode with him Sunday night, and then read all the episode recaps on the AMC website. Hooked! I also had my daughter taking care of me. She would run in my room with kleenex, cough drops and dolls to make me feel better.

One other thing I learned is that my daughter can’t wait to wear makeup. (She’s five.) And she also starting to have bad dreams involving monsters. Now we do NOT watch any show with monsters etc while she is awake. But this morning she described dreams with three headed monsters chasing her Grandma and Grandpa. We have decided to spray her pillows with ‘good dream spray’ to keep them away. (lavendar spray) Poor little girl. I explained monsters aren’t real, but she replied ‘Well, they are to me Mom!’

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