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I’ve waited for so long!
I’ve waited for so long!

Pink is coming to town!

When I first heard the news that it *might* happen I started getting excited. This is an artist that is on my bucket list. Someone I’ve always wanted to see. I have everything she has ever done. I think her latest cd “The Truth About Love” is one of the best from 2012. I was actually planning a roadtrip to see her (tonight in St. Paul) before I found out she is coming here.

And from what I’m hearing…I’m not alone. Everyone is talking about this concert announcement. I’m over the moon. But we have to wait until November! That is the hardest part of all!

Yesterday I also read that Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls are doing a coheadlining tour with some stops around us. I am thinking again, roadtrip! Minneapolis(7/13) and Kansas City(7/12)seem to be the closest for us. There is a Moline date, (7/10) but I think I would rather go to Minneapolis. As soon as I get that all important ticket info I’ll post it on our Concert Calendar.

I’m so ready for the concerts to begin! We have 2 dates that have been released for Nitefall On The River as well. And Soul Asylum is at Woolys on Thursday! I have to share my favorite Soul Asylum song below as I now have it stuck in my head.

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