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Kindergarten and an anniversary
Kindergarten and an anniversary

I just read Kurt’s blog this morning where he mentions his anniversary to his wife. I keep track of his anniversary, because it is the only way I remember mine. We were married the same day, one year apart. We even honeymooned at the same place.

While Kurt is lovey dovey and professes his love, my husband and I are more the type that look at each and laugh that we are both alive to tell the tale. Seriously….7 years. I bet some people lost money at that. We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday as we both took the day off for Rhiannon’s first day of Kindergarten. We went to lunch and a movie. We rarely get to really hang out with out Rhi, so it was a treat. We thought we would go to the bar for a cocktail after getting Rhi to school, but turns out we are old. And tired.

So we went to see one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. May I suggest you check out We’re The Millers. I don’t know the last time I’ve laughed so hard! It really is good.

So Rhi has almost a week of Kindergarten under her belt! No calls from the teacher yet. She seems to really like it but can’t remember much about it when I grill her about what she did. She seems to recall what she ate for lunch for than anything. At what point do I worry about this?

I had a meeting at All Pro Servicenter yesterday and I was chatting with Pat. Pat remembers after I met my husband how happy I was. I realize now that my relationship with All Pro Service Centers has been going on longer than my marriage. How weird is that?

As we were all chatting about cars and what to do/when to do it, I had the realization that a lot of women are like me. They don’t know a lot about their car. Tell me what’s broke and making the noise. Tell me why you have to move all those parts to get to what needs to be fixed. Tell me why it is important to wash your car in Winter. We really started talking about this great thing they do, the Vehicle Health ICheck. For $49.99 they will take a very complete look at your car to see how it is running. So that you know what you might need to do to prevent big repairs down the road. Here are the details from their website:

Only $49.95! Includes Inspection of the following: Brakes, Chassis/Suspension, Tires, Exhaust, Heating/Cooling & Ventilation Systems, all Fluids & all Accessories. PLUS a Computer Diagnostic Scan for any trouble codes and a road test completed by an ASE certified technician.

I also learned that you can bring a car in that you are thinking about purchasing, and they will check it out for you to make sure it is a good investment. I love this!! The thing with All Pro Servicenter, is they have your back. I’ve always felt that way. To be honest, when something does happen to my car I usually call Chris at All Pro before I call my husband.

I need to get my oil changed and do this inspection. You can print out the coupon for this special, and book your appointment online right HERE.  I love this place! Remember, with 5 locations in the metro there is one by you.


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