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Kindergarten is just so hard!
Kindergarten is just so hard!

We are into the third week of Kindergarten. Rhiannon has told me repeatedly how much she loves it. But sometimes it is just so hard!

Several weeks ago I posted on our STAR Facebook page, asking if I should give Rhi’s new teacher a heads up about her personality or not. Many of you suggested I should let her make her own first impression. So that is what I did. Last week I had the first sit down meeting with Rhiannon’s teachers. They send home information in her backpack every Monday about what to expect etc. So I knew how they disciplined in the classroom. Simply put it is a color system of cards. If you have green you had a good day, yellow you needed to be reminded, red was a bad day. I kept asking Rhiannon how she was doing and she kept saying she had green cards. Until I mentioned that I was going to meet with her teacher. And a confession came about how she may have had a few red cards.

So my daughter can be a little bit of a handful at times. She is independent and very strong willed. Which she showed her teachers a few times. Nothing horrible, but to be expected with new situations. (Especially a transition like Kindergarten.)  I really like her teachers and think they are a great match for Rhiannon. And I left our meeting excited about what the next year will bring for Rhiannon. They have a great plan of action and Rhiannon seems to be responding well after the few road bumps she hit.

Our meeting really was a chance to learn more about our family, and the teachers expectations. I had to laugh when we sat down and her teacher said she could tell I wasn’t surprised by the road bumps Rhiannon was adjusting to. But we are on the same page as how to handle this little girl!

Every day after school we have a discussion about how the day went. She is getting used to the other kids. She is learning that not everyone wants to play the same things, but we should always include others in our activities. She is making choices with lunch in the cafeteria. (Which is very exciting for her!) She wants to dress up for school. She tells me about the books they read, or the lesson they had.

I look at her through different eyes every day. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. We have now mastered the Stop and Drop. (I pull up in the drop off lane and she gets out and lines up with the other kids.) I love how excited she is for school each day.

We have read books to her for awhile but now we are switching things up. She reads a page, then I read a page, and we take turns. She is a good little reader! Since I love to read, I encourage her to read. We have shelves of books in her room!

I laugh everyday at things that come out of her mouth. A common question now is ‘why do you ask?’

Me: ‘Rhi, how was your day today?’

Rhi: ‘Fine. Why do you ask?’

So how is everyone else adjusting to the kids going back to school? Up next we conquer the school pictures! That is already next week! ((How will we decide what to wear??))

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