Karess Carter

Kindergarten Roundup
Kindergarten Roundup

I need wine. I need vodka. I need help! My baby is going off to Kindergarten in the fall!

It’s too soon. How can I have a kid going to Kindergarten? As I approach my 42nd birthday next week, I realize most people my age had kids much earlier than I did. So many of you have been navigated these emotions already. Throw some sympathy my way, please?

I’m having a panic attack. Rhiannon is 5 now and I am going through all the necessary things to get ready for Kindergarten. She is ready. I am not. My baby can’t be ready to go to school. Last night was our Kindergarten roundup for Hillside Elementary in West Des Moines. As my husband and I sat there listening to the program, I was having heart palpitations. He was laughing. I kept thinking, ‘well there is no turning back now.’ I might as well give her the keys to the car.

We toured the rooms and I kept thinking ‘she is going to be in heaven.’ She can’t wait. She thinks fall will never come. I am dreading that first day of leaving her at school, knowing she will be so excited to run from me into a strange new place. There will be absolutely no hesitation on her part. I will hover in the parking lot for an hour and probably be peeping thru windows.

When I got home last night I was ready to open a bottle of wine to calm down. I was that distraught that my baby was getting ready to go off into the big world of Kindergarten. I feel absolutely insane.