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My fair experience…so far
My fair experience…so far

I know people who have been at the fair every single day. For me, I tend to go a few times instead of every day. But I make the most of those days!

Saturday was my first day at the fair this year, as we had STAR 102.5’s Deep Fried Dash going on, then the big Goo Goo Dolls/Daughtry/Plain White T’s show. So I knew it was going to be a long day. The Deep Fried Dash was great fun, and I’m sure you’ve checked out all of the pictures already on our website.

Back in July the Corndog Kickoff was held by the Blue Ribbon Foundation. You can find out more about the event HERE. I didn’t get to go, but I had a friend who was there and I asked her to bid on a package for me. I really wanted to win the silent auction that had tickets and meet and greet passes for the Goo Goo Dolls and Daughtry. We ended up winning the package, and split the cost with another couple. So I had my ticket to the show, and my meet and greet passes! So excited!

Now I’ve met the Goo Goo Dolls several times. This time wasn’t as pleasant of an exchange as I have previously had. Let’s leave it at that. They were not engaging. They took a picture and then wanted you to leave immediately. It was very awkward. I will also say this was one of my least favorite shows I’ve seen them do. They just phoned it in, in my opinion. There just wasn’t a lot of excitement on their end. Now I get it. Artists have a bad day. They get tired from the road. So I’ll give them a pass.

goo 2014

I will say that I thought Daughtry blew it out of the water. When we got to go back and meet the band (part of our package we won at auction) they were full of hugs and very nice. And they gave you a little gift bag when you left with guitar picks, drum sticks, autographed picture etc. I loved their part of the show!

daughtry Des Moines-9-L

Nothing makes you want to get in shape, more than standing next to a bunch of skinny rocker guys who thighs don’t touch. I bet none of them ate a corndog. Or cheese curds. After the show my friend and I walked around a little bit before calling it a night. I am officially addicted to Lemonade Shakeups. When I attempt to make them at home, they are never the same!

Last night was my next Iowa State Fair adventure. One of my favorite bands, Green River Ordinance, was performing at the Fairview Stage. Once they arrived in town, my boss and I headed out to the hotel so we could catch up with the boys. We have been friends for years, and I really adore them. (They are the only band that has thanked me in the liner notes of an album…so they are like brothers to me!) It was Geoff’s birthday so I made sure he got some carrot cake to celebrate. (His mom told me that was one of his favorites.) So we got to catch up over coffee before they headed to the fairgrounds. Here is a group picture we got to take. gro 2014 fair

Yes, I’m wearing the band’s t-shirt. I couldn’t help myself. (left to right Jamey, Denton, Geoff, Me, Scott Allen, Josh, and Joshua)

So I headed out to the fair and met up with the boys before they hit the stage at 8. We went to the Iowa Craft Beer tent and sampled a bunch of beers. Then we talked a little more before the show. I met a lot of new people last night. Fans of GRO that drove from Iowa City to see them. Many people from here in DSM. Just a fun group!

gro 2014 fair2

Here is the thing that I want people to know. Not all bands give you the chance to catch up and treat you like friends or family. Not all bands will stand and take pictures with every single fan after a show. And sometimes bands change as they get a little more success under their belts. But these guys are the still the same loving, friendly guys, they have always been. I came across a photo of the first time I ever met them. Back in 2009 I posted this picture of my favorite new band!


They are still just as sweet today as they were then. And you have no idea how incredible that is!

On my out of the fair I had some mini donuts and I wanted to try the brisket mac and cheese that I’ve heard so much about. They were completely out of everything! So we swung by Quesadilla Junction for food. Oh my word! If you haven’t been there yet, you need to stop and get the steak quesadilla! So amazing and filling! It’s a lot of food and you will be stuffed, but so tasty! They are down by the Jacobson Exhibition Center. Here is their Facebook page. I can’t wait to go there again on Saturday. Which is my next day at the fair. I will be at the STAR booth from 10a-2p so stop out and say hi.

I do want to give a shout out to the VFW on Dean Avenue. It’s my favorite place to park for only $4, and they will drive you down to the fairgrounds, and if you leave before 7am, they will pick you up and take you back to your car too. We park there every year and they are the nicest guys!

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