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Off to Omaha-Part four!
Off to Omaha-Part four!

It’s time to nail down part four of our amazing Omaha adventure. Obviously we are going to return again before school starts as Rhiannon hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun we had! We have gone the last several years, but this year we brought some friends with us. My friend Ginny joined us with her two little boys. One just turned four, and the other isn’t a year yet.

So far in our journey we have talked about our trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, The Omaha Children’s Museum and The Durham Museum. Now we are heading to The Amazing Pizza Machine.

Rhiannon is now 6, so she is really into playing games. She loves video games, and Ken is at the age where he starting to love it as well. We knew we would get a chance to play games, and then eat at their buffet. So we were supplied with passes to enjoy unlimited games. I had no idea how big this place was until I had to chase a six year old down. She loved it!

There are over 150 games, laser tag, bowling, go karts, bumper cars, the Frog Hopper and so much more!

Rhi playing Games at Amazing Pizza Machine

Rhiannon loving the Frog Hopper!

Rhiannon rode the Frog Hopper ride three times. She couldn’t get enough! But the highlight for her was probably riding the Bumper Cars by herself.

I tried hard to take pictures but everything turned out blurry since we running from game to game nonstop!

But the most surprising thing to me about The Amazing Pizza Machine, was the food. I’ve done buffets before where the food is good. But this was really amazing. The food was top notch here. And a massive variety too. So we had great pizza, pasta, desserts, hamburgers…more dessert. We stuffed ourselves.

And this is where being a parent became difficult as we had to literally drag the kids out of there. We were exhausted, but that place kept feeding them more energy and they did NOT want to leave! But once I told Rhiannon we were leaving so we could go back to the Coco Keys Water Park to swim…it seemed to be easier. (When we returned to Des Moines she could hardly contain her excitement at how much fun we had and was telling her dad all about when she was going to take him next time.)

We did go back to the hotel and swim for awhile too. Rhiannon loved the tubes and the lazy river. Find out more about the water park HERE.

We will continue to go to Omaha as our vacation destination! You don’t have to travel far, to make it a great vacation! Before you go, get your Omaha Adventure Savings Card worth more than $100 in savings to Omaha attractions! Get yours at www.omahaadventure.com!

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