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Off to Omaha Part III-The Durham Museum
Off to Omaha Part III-The Durham Museum

A few weeks ago I took my 6 year old daughter Rhiannon, and one of my friends (along with her two boys) to Omaha for the weekend. My friend Ginny has two little boys, one is almost 4 and the other is still a baby. For the past few years Omaha has become a vacation destination for us. So I was really excited to share this years trip with some friends!

I have already blogged about the fun we had the first day at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. You can read that blog HERE. The second day of our trip we hit many hot spots in Omaha. I’ve already blogged about The Omaha Children’s Museum. Read that blog HERE.

After a morning at the Children’s Museum, we hit up the Durham Museum. We have been here a couple of different times, but this trip was different. We had a 3 year old boy with us who was obsessed with trains! Watching Ken’s eyes light up as Rhiannon took him by the hand to explore the train cars was priceless. We spent about half an hour as well watching the model trains as they whisked thru the miniature town. The Durham Museum always has different exhibits on display as well, and this summer it is a very hand’s on exhibit called Design Zone. It explores design concepts in the real world. Find out more about the Durham Museum HERE.

While we were at there, the exhibit was called The 1968 Exhibit. That ends this weekend but it really was cool. There was an actual Huey helicopter in the exhibit. There was a music trivia station that I loved as well! We couldn’t take any pictures of that exhibit, but we did get some great photos of the train cars!

Durham Museum

Durham Museum


Durham Museum

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….you must take time to grab a snack at The Durham Museum! They have a soda fountain and candy shop that we loved! We grabbed a few old fashioned phosphate sodas and a huge ice cream sundae. Ginny grabbed the kids a bunch of candy from the shop too!


We are planning on going back to Omaha before school starts in the fall. I strongly suggest you make it over too!

I have a friend who used to live in Omaha and she is blown away with how many activities we crammed into one weekend. After the Durham Museum we hit the Village Pointe Shopping Center for a little while. This was the what we saw in the backseat….

omaha2 omaha4

The kids were wiped out and both fell asleep. But they woke up when pulled into The Incredible Pizza Machine! That story will be in the NEXT blog!

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