Karess Carter

Oh the drama!
Oh the drama!

So we are a society filled with drama. From the Kardashians to the single guy in the office who has a great story for every Friday night…we like to be in the know. Which leads me to drama from long ago and grudges.

Didn’t we all have drama in high school? But for me that was almost 25 years ago. I let go of that stuff. And thankfully, most of my classmates have too. I did go to a few of the events planned for my 20th reunion but not all. Because I wasn’t sure how much drama still existed. I missed my 10 year as I had just moved due to a new job. But that 20th reunion was filled with stress for me. (You know, I didn’t lose enough weight…I didn’t win the lottery…etc)

But as I sat at a bar with classmates, I got into a discussion with several of them who (like me), let that drama go. And I had more fun than I thought I would. I got to reconnect with people I really liked. Since Facebook I’ve even connected with some classmates I didn’t really even know.

Now for the point. I do have one. I guess there was some drama with the planning of my 20th reunion that I wasn’t aware of. I have no idea where it stemmed from, who was involved etc. Just that some drama sprang up, and it is now overflowing to the possiblity of a 25th reunion.

I have learned that holding grudges takes a lot of work. I don’t have it in me. And drama? I am really liking the drama free aspect of my life. Rhiannon is all the drama I need at the moment.  But it takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge or participate in drama. I need that energy these days for more important things.

So I want to know… do you hold grudges? Do you play into the drama? I would hate to have petty things get in the way of some really good times like a reunion of classmates and friends. Living in the positive is a better way to live. Not always easy, but in the long run so much healthier.

Don’t get me wrong. I get ticked off. I may not speak about it for a day. But I get it off my chest, talk about the issue, and move on. (My husband is laughing right now saying this is not true, but in marriage you can always hold over their head something they did or didn’t do for at least 6 months. That takes ZERO energy!)

What do you do?