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Omaha Trip Part II-The Omaha Children’s Museum
Omaha Trip Part II-The Omaha Children’s Museum

A few weeks ago the Omaha CVB invited me to spend a weekend checking out many of the cool attractions in Omaha. Part I of this trip is already up on my blog, and now it’s time to start talking about Day 2 of our weekend adventure.

This time, Rhiannon and I were joined by my friend Ginny and her two boys. Ken will be 4 soon, and Fritz is still a baby. Rhiannon took Ken under her wing and they became best friends on our trip. The first day we spent at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Day two was packed full of plans and adventures…and it all started at the Omaha Children’s Museum.

I don’t think Ken had experienced the Omaha Children’s Museum before, but Rhiannon had been there many times. It is one of our favorite places to go. While we were there, the special exhibit upstairs was about things that GO, so there was a bus, a camper, an ambulance, bikes etc…for the kids to walk through  and explore. They had a blast! And of course Rhiannon had to ride the carousel. (It’s a favorite ride of Rhi’s!)

The kids seemed to play for a very long time on the main floor with the exhibits that are always there. Rhiannon was drawn to the grocery store, and the water play area. She just went nuts running around and poor Ken tried his best to keep up with her.

Children's Museum

Children's Museum

Of course they loved playing in the Auto shop!

Children's Museum

They spent about an hour in the ball room!

Children's Museum

Here is the exhibit of Things That Go…they loved exploring the Camper.

Children's Museum

Another favorite thing to play with was the marble ramps!

Children's Museum

I have already promised Rhiannon we would go back to Omaha again before the summer is over. One of the reason’s she wants to return is the new exhibit coming….it’s Dinos! The Big Dig! Here are the details:

Grab a shovel and dig into Omaha Children’s Museum summer blockbuster, Dinos: The Big Dig! Uncover secrets of the past in this 10,000 square foot exhibit featuring giant roaring, robotic dinosaurs.

Get eye-to-eye with a T-Rex, meet and Apatosaurus family, crawl up and get face-to-face with a Stegosaurus, go beneath the earth for an up-close view of mom and baby Triceratops and more!

Dig, explore and unearth fossils in the two story dig pit, pan for real gemstones and fossils in the treasure creek, make your way through the 40 foot fossil climber, pose with the Photosaurus T-Rex, create your own herbivore and carnivore dishes inside the Dino-Diner and climb aboard the Dino-Train* for a ride among these prehistoric creatures!

Museum Paleo-guides will lead daily programming under the Paleo Tent including how to unearth fossils, piece together dinosaur skeletons and pan for treasures. These hands-on activities combined with imaginative play as paleontologists will allow children to investigate dinosaurs in a whole new way!

Doesn’t that sound cool?? It opens May 24th and runs through September 7th!

If you have never been to the Omaha Children’s Museum, you need to give yourself several hours to check it out. And if you’ve been there with the kids, go again. As Rhiannon has gotten older, she discovers new and more exciting exhibits there to explore. This year was the first time she ever took an interest in going in the theater area. You really do find something new to do every time!

That’s it for now, but later in the week I’ll put up Part III of our trip…which explores the Durham Museum!

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