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Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

Thanksgiving time means it is time for Disney On Ice!

My daughter is six. We have bonded over a lot of very fun things here in Des Moines. And one…

Wednesday, October 22, 201410/22/2014

Workout music

So I’ve started walking a few times a week. And I like to throw on my headphones and listen to…

Friday, October 10, 201410/10/2014

Stranger Danger

I want to throw my two cents in regarding the incident that according yesterday in West Des Moines. This is…

Friday, October 3, 201410/03/2014

Kids clothes and BOOK IT!

As a Mom, I am well aware of the issues that come with clothing children. Although my daughter was born…

Thursday, October 2, 201410/02/2014

Do you remember the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program?

This year is the 30th Birthday of the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program–which has made a huge difference in my…

yellow tights

Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

I swear she is only six!

My daughter seems to be a handful. Enough that everyone keeps pointing out I’m in for a long ride with…

Monday, September 22, 201409/22/2014

Need a laugh on this Monday? I got your back…

Occasionally I come across things on the internet that not only have me howling with laughter, but they give me…


Monday, September 15, 201409/15/2014

Have you checked out Scars on 45?

Most of you know I am a true music freak. I love my cassettes from growing up, the records I…

rhi soccer

Monday, September 8, 201409/08/2014

I’m a soccer mom

Rhiannon is now 6. We knew when the time was right we wanted to play a team sport. As an…


Wednesday, September 3, 201409/03/2014

Vintage and Made Fair is here!

I love vintage stuff. I love taking something old, and making it new again. Or finding a new use for…

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