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Karess w/ Matt Hires

Wednesday, February 13, 201302/13/2013

The perks of being a STAR email member

As a station, STAR 102.5 does more than any other station I’ve worked for. We are very active at local…

With Matchbox 20

Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Celebrating some major milestones

I’m back from a week vacation. I didn’t go anywhere nor did I get a lot of the things on…


Thursday, January 31, 201301/31/2013

It’s time to Vote, to help the ARL and get skinny.

Vote for Karess’s project with the Habitat for Humanity Restore Upcycle Contest!

book of mormon

Tuesday, January 29, 201301/29/2013

Cupcakes, Restore and the Book of Mormon

Let’s start with Cupcakes. I do just adore them. And before I go to far I want to point out…

Friday, January 18, 201301/18/2013

How do Red Velvet Pop-Tarts sound to you?

We got thru a ton of Pop-Tarts at my house. My husband and my daughter eat them nonstop. Right now…


Wednesday, January 16, 201301/16/2013

One Republic and ‘The Project’

So I caught this on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and had to share. Jimmy was talking about the flu…


Tuesday, January 15, 201301/15/2013

I never knew how much fun kids could be

My four year old keeps me laughing.


Monday, January 14, 201301/14/2013

I’m ready for a break

We break down the weekend and discover it all went by too fast.


Friday, January 11, 201301/11/2013

Hooray for the Weekend

Let’s start off by giving some serious thumbs up to the new STAR website! Looks amazing in my opinion. Ah…


Tuesday, December 18, 201212/18/2012

Holiday Stress…you with me?

No lie, I’m hoping my mother never sees this blog.