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Thursday, October 10, 201310/10/2013

Support the next generation of chefs in Des Moines!

I’ve enjoyed several amazing dishes at BOS over the last few weeks. Chef John Andres was a contestant with Battledish…


Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Everybody loves the circus!

One of my favorite memories as a child was getting to go to the circus. In was in Deadwood, South…


Monday, October 7, 201310/07/2013

Dishcrawl–what you missed and why you shouldn’t ever miss it again!

Have you heard of Dishcrawl Des Moines? I had heard of it, but one of our listeners gave me more…

Rhi lost her first tooth!

Thursday, October 3, 201310/03/2013

What does your Tooth Fairy leave?

Rhiannon is 5. She has been anxious to loose her baby teeth for about a year now. She’s asked the…

food at BOS

Thursday, September 26, 201309/26/2013

It was a wild night!

Last night was the big Dishcrawl Battledish Preview at BOS. I had several friends join me, including Woz, coworkers Trista…

Karess rock n run

Thursday, September 19, 201309/19/2013

Being healthy, a 5K and some I get to judge some food!

I blogged this week about finishing a cleanse. Well since then I have continued my ‘healthy eating’ and thrown in…

Monday, September 16, 201309/16/2013

I did it and I feel amazing!

So yesterday was the final day of a 7 day cleanse I did. I’ve had a ton of people asking…


Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

Bring on Battledish Des Moines!

I get to be a judge! I’m taking this very seriously and I can’t wait! I learned about Dishcrawl through…

Fried cheesecake

Monday, September 9, 201309/09/2013

Have you tried Akebono yet?

My family was invited to try Akebono in Downtown Des Moines this past weekend…and we were floored. Now most of…


Thursday, September 5, 201309/05/2013

Who wants to join me for the Metro Arts Rock N Run?

Most of you realize I am a huge fan of live music. Put several bands together and you can convince…