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Pinterest projects
Pinterest projects

At the beginning of the year I came across a Pinterest project that I decided to do. It was a way to put some money aside each week into a savings account and watch it grow. It is called the ’52 Week Money Challenge’. The first week you put in a $1, the next $2, and you add a dollar every week until you are week 52 where you are putting in $52. At the end of the 52 weeks you end up $1,378.

Now one pin suggested that you put in more if you can, but the idea is to make it a rather small amount. So I rounded up by to the nearest denomination of 5. So for the first 5 weeks I put in $5, then I moved up to $10. Since this is week 11 I should be putting in $11, but instead I’m doing $15.

It’s working my daughter and I are having fun doing it every week. Here is a link if you want to check it for yourself.

So then yesterday I came across a new pin ’40 bags in 40 days’. This one scares me. the idea is to de-clutter and organize your house. One garbage bag a day. I am not a hoarder, but I do like to keep my things. I might lose 100 pounds and fit into those jeans that are currently size 12. (that I haven’t fit in for 7 years)

And that candle that I never light with dust on it, I might someday WANT to light that.

My bathroom/hall closet has suntan lotion still in it that is way past its prime. Time to cut it loose. Here is a link to the page I’m following. You could do it in phases. But the main thing is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need it?
  • Do you use it? When was the last time you used it or wore it, if it’s been more than 4 months then toss it.
  • Have you used it more than a few times in the past year?
  • Do you like it?
  • Does it work?

I go thru spurts where I just want to toss stuff and my husband grabs our child and runs for the downstairs. He encourages it, and does everything he can to stay out of the way. We went thru Rhi’s old clothes and toys again 2 weeks ago. Purged!

And I know I need to do this. It just seems so overwhelming to tackle. But I hope I can begin. I have shoes that I love, but don’t wear. Why am I keeping them?? Dress pants that don’t fit. Clothes my husband doesn’t wear. Last time I got in this mode I donated like 7 garbage bags of clothes to the Salvation Army.

It is time to go! Thoughts? Can I actually do this?

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