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Rhiannon’s first concert
Rhiannon’s first concert

At the last minute someone I know surprised me with a pair of tickets to see Fleetwood Mac. They couldn’t use them and they know how much I adore Stevie Nicks. My daughter is named after the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Rhiannon’ after all!

So I debated, and decided I would take Rhiannon to her first concert. She is five, and loves music. She has a drum kit at home. She loves to sing. But I wasn’t sure how it would go. It was worth it.

Here is a picture of my date.

Rhiannon at Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon at Fleetwood Mac

We saw Tim Fox from KIOA there and he always gives Rhiannon a hug. She had to tell him that they sing a song about her. She doesn’t get that the song came first, but it’s ok. We got her some ear plugs to make sure we were careful about her hearing. (she has really sensitive ears)

And once the show started she was just staring at the stage and the colorful screens. She kept asking ‘is this my song?’ I knew it would be the 5th song they would play, so we kept counting. Finally it was time. And the minute she heard her name she was grinning from ear to ear. She was dancing as I held her so she could see the stage. There was just something really special about seeing Fleetwood Mac, with my baby, as they played the song she was named for.

I wish we could have stayed for the whole show. I’ve seen the band many times. I love them. I adore anything to do with Stevie Nicks. Many benchmarks in my life have Fleetwood Mac attached to them. And this was one of them. But about halfway through Rhiannon said she was exhausted and asked if we could leave after 2 more songs. It was 9:30 and she was a trooper! So although I didn’t get to hear every song, I lived vicariously though Facebook posts that my friends and coworkers put up.

And I will always have the memory of meeting the band many years ago. Still a great memory!

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