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Sesame Street Live Can’t Stop Singing is almost here
Sesame Street Live Can’t Stop Singing is almost here

I still love Sesame Street. There are still so many things that make me laugh out loud when we watch. I don’t know why, but Sesame Street is still ageless to me. I have a book about the history of the show. So of course I am excited that the new show Can’t Stop Singing is coming to Wells Fargo Arena! Buy your tickets HERE! I was starting to worry that now that Rhiannon is 6, she wouldn’t be interested in Sesame Street. I was wrong of course. She is too excited for this show! So she has met some of the characters from Sesame Street before, and these pictures made me laugh. So I had to share them!

ss1 ss2 ss3 I had a chance to chat with Elmo and Abby about the upcoming show and I want to share it with you. Listen here for what they had to say.

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