Karess Carter

She can’t be going to Kindergarten!!!
She can’t be going to Kindergarten!!!

My daughter will be five in February. I’m having a difficult time with this. When did my baby grow up? Even harder to deal with is the fact that she will be going to Kindergarten next year!

It’s all too overwhelming and emotional. And to top it off…you have to get kids registered NOW??

I grew up in a small town in South Dakota where everyone knew everyone. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there was much to registering for school other than showing up. There is only one high school. There may be two elementary schools, but I’m not sure.

So I saw a friend on Facebook post something about getting her child in Kindergarten, and I know her child is younger than Rhi. So I was in panic mode. Am I too late?? Am I a horrible mother that I don’t know this stuff? Well I quickly emailed the West Des Moines schools and they guided me thru the process and told me to get started now. So today I am filling out paperwork. Getting immunizations faxed over. Proof of residency. It’s a lot…for something that doesn’t start for like 8 months!! I know it’s a necessary evil. But it’s stressing me out.

Kindergarten round up is in April. I’m already telling Rhiannon that she has to start listening better to her teachers or she can’t go to Kindergarten. Yeah, I’m using it as a theat. She really just wants to ride the bus every day. She is so excited for this big change. And I’m not. I want her to stay my baby.

How is this kid going to kindergarten? Ok, I’ll give you that she looks like she is going to some wild 80’s dance…