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Snow? Really?
Snow? Really?

Last night I heard little icicles clinking against my bedroom window all night. So I was prepared for today. I’ve heard a lot of people regretting the fact that they planted flowers or their gardens last weekend. I grew up in South Dakota so I am used to Mother Nature’s unpredictable ways. I always wait until after Mother’s Day, or sometimes Memorial Day to plant. I was tempted when last weekend was so beautiful, but I fought it.

I hope, despite the weather, everyone heads out to the YESS Duck Derby at Jordan Creek Town Center on Saturday! I plan on bundling up Rhi, and adopting our ducks there. See all the prizes offered and what  a great group this is HERE. We might even get up early and hit the first day of the Downtown Farmer’s Market! Most of you know I adore the Farmer’s Market, and I can’t resist going down there even if it is snowing. In fact I may get a group together and go right at 7am! I should also remind you that the Valley Junction Farmer’s Market kicks off this afternoon as well. It is the beginning of Amayzing Days in West Des Moines! I am not letting this weather get in the way of all of the fun things going on this weekend. To find out more about Amayzing Days go HERE.

Next weekend is the annual March for Babies. I’m passionate about the March of Dimes as I really believe they helped us have our little miracle baby. You can find out more and read our story with Rhiannon HERE. On Sunday you can hear the interview that Kate Garner did with Ryan Bratvold of the March of Dimes. That will air bright and early at 5:30am and it is worth getting up early for. I’ve hit up all my friends and family for donations to benefit the walk again this year. Anytime someone’s kids are raising money for school projects or anything, I make sure to buy something to help. It all goes to a good cause!

Rhiannon at birth

From this (see above picture) to this…

rhi space

(This is Rhi in her ‘spaceship’ with her pet pig. I couldn’t help but want to watch the Pigs in Space Muppets skit now!)

And I have to share this photo I took last night. I saw this on Rhi’s bedroom rug. She tucked her pig in for the night. It’s a PIG IN A BLANKET. She didn’t get why I was laughing. Do you?

rhi pig

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