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Swimming and Patty Pats
Swimming and Patty Pats

I am exhausted from this weekend! Saturday morning we had decided we would hit the pool So we packed up the supplies and headed to Holiday Park. Rhiannon is learning to swim and has had two sessions of lessons this summer. So we need to keep practicing! She loves the water though so the most difficult part of the day was getting her to leave. We often see one of her friends from daycare at the pool, so I texted his mom to see if they might be heading over as well. We all decided to meet up.

But before we hit the pool….we wanted to grab some lunch! Jimmy was doing a remote at a new place right by my house called Patty Pats, so we headed over there. It was crazy busy! Rhiannon got mini corn dogs, and my husband and I both went for the Italian Beef Sandwich. Of course we had to get a large order of onion rings. I will tell you right now, we will be back. Because of how busy it was, it took a fairly long time to get our food. Which I don’t mind, but my starving five year old was not as patient.

Worth the wait!! The onion rings, first off, are stellar. I keep thinking about these onion rings!! And I had cheese and mild peppers added to my Italian Beef sandwich. Delicious! We all agreed that this will be a place we will visit often. I thought the prices were right too! We did not indulge in ice cream as it was so busy and we wanted to get to the pool, so that is for next time!

Patty Pats


So then we headed over to Holiday Park Pool. Rhi was so excited to show her dad her mad swimming skills. She has improved a lot but is far from being a great swimmer. She can swim underwater without plugging her nose, but hasn’t learned strokes yet. And the combination of arms and legs together seems to be a little difficult.


((Rhi looking like a hot mess after swimming))

When Rhi’s friend showed up, we found out they had visited Patty Pats the week before and loved it too! So we had fun in the pool for about 3 hours and then we were beat. We stopped for some Dairy Queen on the way home, then rested. Soon I heard snoring from the living room and Rhi had crashed out! That gave me a chance to start a book I had picked up that morning from the library.

I got hooked on Dan Brown’s Inferno. I can’t put it down. Right now I am just thinking about what is going on in the book.

Since we did nothing on my ‘To Do’ list Saturday, I felt like I really needed to get some stuff done on Sunday. I didn’t sleep well, so I was already off to a rough start. When I got up I read my book for a while and played on the iPad. Then I decided I would make a great brunch. Breakfast potatoes from scratch, eggs, bacon and cinnamon rolls. After all that I was ready for a nap. Before I knew it, it was 4pm and I didn’t get a thing done!

So I packed up Rhi and we headed to the car wash. We needed to clean out the car, vacuum and wash it. So that was about the only thing we got done. But I feel like I accomplished something!


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