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That weekend exhausted me!
That weekend exhausted me!

Have you ever had one of those weekends that takes 2 or 3 days to recover from? Yup…that is where I am. I am exhausted! (But let’s not get that confused with recovering from too many adult beverages. That is not the case!)

I even went to bed early Friday night as I knew my Saturday was jam packed with things. I had the inside scoop that several cowboys from the PBR event at Wells Fargo Arena would be on hand signing autographs at Kum and Go in West Des Moines. Since Rhiannon wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up, we decided to head over. The guys were so nice to her! They gave her an autographed hat and poster. Then she did something I’ve never had her do before, she asked if they would take a picture with her. And they were so sweet to do it! We had tickets to go on Sunday so we spent all day Saturday with Rhiannon asking when she got to ride the bulls. (um, never?)

Then Saturday afternoon I had a wedding to go to. My lovely coworker Heather got married and really looked like a princess. It was enough to make me teary-eyed. Beautiful ceremony that Woz officiated. She had a wonderful reception as well. We just had a blast! There was a lot of laughs, and some great memories created.

While at the wedding reception, Woz finally confessed something to me that he has been lying to me about for 6 months. I had made his family stuffed shells when his dad was in the hospital. Now this is my best dish. We all have that one thing we make really well, right? Stuffed shells are mine. And his mom told me that I had to show her how to make them because they were so good. So I keep telling Woz I need to make your mom stuffed shells again! And after a few cocktails Woz finally breaks down and confesses to me that his family never got the dish. He came home from work and put them in the fridge, then went to the bar.  When he got home from the bar that night he threw them in the oven and ate them all. THEN he made his mom lie for him! I find this so funny because it is the smallest thing in the world but he has been stressing over telling me the truth all this time!

Once the reception was over we had plans to head to The Garden downtown for a beautiful pageant. Tajma Hall was the MC and I’ve interviewed her in the past. She remembered us and gave us lots of love at the show. And it was a show! Holy cow! The talent was incredible.   I did hit a wall where I was just tired. I was still in heels from the wedding, and my feet were killing me. We ended up staying out past 2:30am, and that is a really big deal when you are my age. Because no matter what time you go to bed, a certain 5 year old is not going to let you sleep past 8am.

Now here is where I will not mention names, but some of my crew indulged in too many adult beverages. We have all been there, right? But as the sober person at this point, it was hysterical to watch the train going off the track. Where you want to take a drink from someone and tell them ‘no more’! So I watched a train wreck. And I’m still laughing about it today. But I will say that sometimes you just need to be that good friend and get them home safe. (Because we’ve been thankful when it was our turn to be the train wreck and someone helped us!) Again, great memories were created!!

And speaking of creating memories, or maybe relieving them….let’s talk Heroes and Saints Concert! I’m in heaven to learn that June 15th we have a dream lineup of a concert! Better Than Ezra, Sister Hazel, Vertical Horizon and Tonic just to name a few! Get more details HERE. It was years ago that Better Than Ezra performed at Nitefall on the River, but it was one of my favorite shows.

Better Than Ezra

I’m so excited to see them again! So who is ready to go to this show?

Ok, now that I’ve recapped the weekend, I’m ready for a nap.

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