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Thumbs up to a couple businesses
Thumbs up to a couple businesses

If you are like me, when you have a bad experience somewhere you tell people. Like bad service at a restaurant, or a rude employee at a store. Little things can change a customer’s experience and perception very quickly. But how often do you share the good stuff?

Look, I’ve worked every job there is. I’ve cleaned hotel rooms while in junior high. (No teenager needs to see some of the stuff I’ve seen). I’ve worked fast food. I’ve worked retail. I’ve been a bus boy, kitchen staff, hostess and a waitress at various restaurants. I’ve worked in a bar and a coffee shop. I’ve worked a players center in a casino. All very glamerous jobs. (sarcasm)

But it taught me to appreciate good service. My husband and I have been out to eat and made a point to call over the manager of a restaurant to tell them about the incredible service we had from a server. We have shared positive experiences with friends. So this is my blog to give a shout out to some places that have recently made me think I’m lucky I found this place.

First of all, I want to mention All Pro Service Center. When I first moved to Des Moines I was very nervous about where to take my car to get it fixed when needed. I came across coupons in the Val-Pak for All Pro Service Center and they had a location off of Railroad in West Des Moines. So I started going there. Ladies might relate to this, but I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve been taken advantage of when it comes to getting a car fixed. I knew they were the place for me as when I had a couple of car issues, they told me what was the most important to get done, and what we could work on in a few months. It was like I had an older brother looking out for me! They are family owned and operated, so I know they will treat me right. I’ve turned a lot of friends on to them and I will always go there. Plus they know I always come in with my coupons and they never laugh at me! They have several locations in the metro so check them out.

Next up is a national chain, but I want to mention experiences we have had with one particular store. Advance Auto on 63rd and Grand has really been amazing to work with. First of all, we learned that you can place your order thru their website and usually get some good discounts, and the local store will pull the order for you. So we did this several times over the summer as we worked on my husbands truck. He bought the wrong part and left it sitting in our garage since May. We realized it this weekend and thought we might have issues returning the part so late. I went to the website, logged into my created account and printed off the transaction where we bought this part. My husband took it in to see if we could at least get store credit, and they went ahead and did a refund. When my husband got home he told me how impressed he was with that store. He went so far as to say he wouldn’t go anywhere else because of the way he treated them. Great customer service leaves an impression, and this store is awesome!

And lastly I want to bring up the Blazing Saddle in the East Village. I’ve been here several times with my dear friend Woz. We love to go play bingo there. The people that work there, and frequent there, are just fun. And the Blazing Saddle does a lot of fundraising for our community, that I don’t think they get credit for. Some days bingo is going on to raise money for an individual who may be having a major health crisis, or like this weekend, for a great cause like Shoes That Fit. I will always visit a place that is involved in the community! And they have really opened their arms to a lot of people who needed help, who may never have been to the Blazing Saddle before. It doesn’t matter your sexual orientation, they welcome everyone.

Ooops, I have one more shout out. Big thanks to HyVee and Dahl’s for both creating fuel saver programs! (And thanks to their gas partners Casey’s and Quik Trip.) For the first time I used this feature this weekend and was very impressed with my savings!! My hubby was floored that I was able to save so much, and now I will really work to use this even more.
Who do you have props to give to?

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