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Tornadoes, Cars and Bang Bang
Tornadoes, Cars and Bang Bang

I want to start by addressing the heartbreaking stories coming from Oklahoma City. Sunday night there was a tornado in Edmond, just outside OKC. This is the suburb my brother and his family live in. We got the word they were ok. So yesterday afternoon I came in the house and jumped on the iPad to see another tornado hit outside Oklahoma City. I immediately started looking to see where exactly.

The majority of the damage was in Moore, OK. This is about 30 miles south of where my brother lives. I was glued to the coverage on tv last night. I did get a text from my brother that again, they were ok. He said it was very frightening. I can only imagine. I tried to explain it to my five year old daughter. It is really hard to explain why things happen to a child. I want her to be brave, smart, and ready for anything. But in that situation, I don’t know that I could be any of those things.

I do know that sometimes we need to step outside of our own problems and realize, it could be worse. What the residents of Moore are going through is horrific. We have seen it here in Iowa as well and we won’t forget. ┬áHit up the STAR facebook page or our website to easily make a donation to the Red Cross.

Many of you have heard me talk about All Pro Service Centers on the air. It’s the only place I take my vehicle. Woz was asking me the other day about which location I went to so I passed him the phone number. He needed to have some stuff done with his car but there was just no way he could be without his car for the day. I told him to call and he could easily wait there for them to do the work and he could work on his laptop while they did it. When he got back to the station I asked him how it was and he said he didn’t even have a chance to get the laptop out before they were done! He thought they were quick and great! He was amazed at the job they did! So now I’ve converted him to All Pro! Check them out for yourself HERE!

And finally I had a chance to experience Bang Bang Mongolian Grill! I had never been there before, so my family and I went there last night during the storm. Great food! I was really blown away by the quality ingredients to start with. They had shrimp, calamari and scallops! First stop was the salad bar and I loved it! My only real complaint is that I was so stuffed after one trip though I didn’t have room to go back and make another dish! It was very filling! I was talking to a coworker this morning and she told me that it has become her and her husband’s favorite place to go. I see why! Monday’s are $2 martini night, and Tuesday’s kids eat free! I can’t wait to go back.

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