Karess Carter

Ty is coming to town!
Ty is coming to town!

I love the Des Moines Home and Garden Show. This is my thing. Let me walk around the booths for hours and I’m a happy girl.

And my dream man is coming to town! I watched Ty Pennington when he first came on the scene with Trading Spaces. Oh how I loved that show! A few years ago I got to meet Vern when he came to town for the Des Moines Home and Garden Show. And I also got a chance to meet Laurie Smith when she came to town on a book tour. (Yes, I have many of the books that came from Trading Spaces)

But I will miss out on seeing Ty. My heart is somewhat broken, as he will be appearing at the show on Friday, while I am busy on the air. So for those of you who get to go, please tell him I am always thinking of him. Greatest carpenter EVER!

Also appearing this year is Frank from American Pickers. My friend Jay Wells turned me on to this show, and my husband and I love to watch. Growing up my dad was an auctioneer, so often he would find things at auctions that noone really knew the value of. It was so exciting to find those hidden gems!

And then of course I really would love to see local celebrity Hal Davis from West End Architectural Salvage. My dream would be to have him redo my attic/master bedroom. It looks like it was made for Paul Bunyon. I’m just throwing it out there.

For details on when these men will be there, check out the official website HERE.

On Thursday night I’m really excited to join some listeners for a wine party. Which could be dangerous…as I do love wine. I’m planning on having a lot of fun that night! So be sure to check out the Wine Village when you stop at the show.

So I started looking up a few exhibitors that I’m really excited to check out. I really want to hit some landscaping booths as the front of my house is a disaster. I have some pushes in front I want to yank out, and do something cool with the area. Ideally a front deck, with lots of flowers. But this is not my area of expertise, so I better meet with some professionals. And check out the gardens that will be on display.

I see that AllSpice will be there. I have never had the chance to check out the store in the East Village, so this is my chance to fall in love.

I also need to get info on a new roof. It’s so overwhelming! But I will be grabbing business cards in this area too.

I would love ideas on re-tiling my bathroom floor. I know I can get ideas on that!

Eventually I need to have someone paint my house. I see lots of house painters listed!

This is my idea place. I can’t wait! How about you? What are you looking to get help with?

The Des Moines Home and Garden show is February 6th thru the 9th at the Iowa Events Center!


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