Karess Carter

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Apples and pizza are my gifts!
Valentine’s Day is almost here! Apples and pizza are my gifts!

In my house, we don’t go above and beyond for holidays. We try to keep things in check, and not spend a ton of money. We try to make it more about the time together.  I usually buy a box of candy for hubby and Rhiannon. And for the last few years we have purchased the amazing apples from the ARL to share. Oh my..if you have not tried them, they are delicious, and benefit the ARL. (I’m a huge supporter of the ARL as that is where we got our little Gizmo about 7 years ago!)

You have until THIS Friday, February 7th, to preorder your apples. They are huge, beautiful, and delicious! Get more details HERE.

The other thing we do, is order a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. We order pizza from Papa Murphy’s at least once a week. And at Halloween they have the pumpkin shaped pizza that we always have before trick or treating. So the heart shaped one has become another tradition for us.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

One more thing…Rhiannon’s birthday is on Friday. I can’t believe she will be 6! So we are going to start giving her an allowance for her help around the house and her chores. We think $2 a week to start, which will go in her piggy bank.

Do you give your kids an allowance? If so how much, what do they do, and when did you start?