Karess Carter

What an incredible summer for live music!
What an incredible summer for live music!

I am lucky. I know this and pretty much pinch myself every day. Part of job means I go to a lot of concerts. It’s a perk for sure! This summer I think we have had a great caliber of shows in our area. Not only do I get to hear the great music, but a thrill for me has (and always will be) getting to talk to artists about the music they make.

This morning I felt just overwhelmed with the great music we have had in the last few months. The Plain White T’s were not only incredible live, but so nice. Then last week Ed Sheeran did an appearance in the STAR lounge. I liked his music, but didn’t quite grasp how talented he was until I saw him perform. And then you start talking to him. One of the most humble individuals I’ve ever met. I didn’t go to the show at Wells Fargo Arena, but I wish now I would have.

A few weeks earlier I got to take my 5 year old to Fleetwood Mac. What an experience! And now today I have Blues Traveler coming to do a lounge. It’s a band that has been a part of my college and radio history. To get to meet them….is pretty cool. So I can’t wait to see them at Nitefall tomorrow night.

Then we have Vicci Martinez coming for a lounge next week. And then Train and Matt Nathanson together…one night at the Iowa State Fair. That night is going to just blow my mind! But you still have to think about Skid Row, Firehouse, and Blue Oyster Cult at the fair too.

And then Pink??? Why would you ever complain about the music scene here?? I’ve loving the music scene right now.


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