Karess Carter

What does your Tooth Fairy leave?
What does your Tooth Fairy leave?

Rhiannon is 5. She has been anxious to loose her baby teeth for about a year now. She’s asked the dentist about it. She has watched jealously as her friends have lost their teeth.

Then it happened. And we were NOT prepared! We had no idea she had a loose tooth. Yesterday I went to pick her up at her after school daycare and they asked me if I knew she had lost a tooth. Nope! Rhi didn’t realize it either until someone asked her when she lost her tooth. There was no blood, no pain….and no tooth. At this point we are assuming she swallowed it but we don’t know really know when.

So this began my quest to figure out what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy these days. I put it on my Facebook page and got feedback that the going rate is much more than it was in my day! Many said it is $5 for the first tooth. Some people said they do a silver dollar.

Since we had no tooth, I had Rhiannon draw a picture of a tooth and leave a note for the Tooth Fairy, explaining she had swallowed her tooth. Then she left it under her pillow. I took some dollar bills, brushed them with some glitter and made the big swap. She was so excited this morning that the Tooth Fairy came!

I talked to my Mom this morning and she reminded me when we were little we used to stick our tooth in a glass of water, and left it out for the Tooth Fairy. In the morning the water would be gone, as would the tooth, and coins would be left in its place. Several coworkers mentioned this was their tradition too! I totally forgot!

So what does your Tooth Fairy do, and how what is the going rate in your house?