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What is your favorite game to play?
What is your favorite game to play?

My husband’s birthday was last week, and we decided it was time to have some friends over for a night of drinking adult beverages and playing games. I love to play games and we have only done it once at our house. That was back in December when my cousin came to visit for Christmas. It was very last minute and completely thrown together with an odd group of people, that ended up having a blast. So why not do it again?

Now let me just say that my house is usually messy. I have a five year old, a dog and a husband. We just aren’t people who are OCD about a clean house. ((I can use that term as I do have friends that are completely OCD about everything put in its place)) So we started cleaning the house so we could have a small group of people over. We have a small house, so 10 people and the place is packed.

We told everyone to bring what they wanted to drink, and we cooked up several trays of enchiladas. Woz brought the most amazing guacamole and chips. My friend Edye brought an incredible cake. Tracy ¬†brought Funfetti dip! And a coworker brought Cards Against Humanity. My new favorite game! Last time we played Taboo, and that gets crazy wild once you’ve had a few adult beverages. But this game…pure chaos!

So Rhiannon was so excited to have a party at our house. She picked out her outfit, a crazy skirt with a shirt that was 5 sizes to big and didn’t match. She loves Woz and Jay Wells, so she couldn’t stand waiting for everyone to arrive! Woz brought his roommate Kyle, who I adore. I don’t think he had a clue as to what he was in store for. But I **hope** he had fun.

Without throwing anyone under the bus, I think it is safe to say everyone had a fun time. Someone ended up in Rhiannon’s playhouse. Someone ended up in the bathtub. And my sides hurt from laughing. And it was a very quiet Easter morning at my house!

If you haven’t checked out Cards Against Humanity, be prepared. It is for terrible people.

When it comes to games, I am a nut about Trivial Pursuit. But I could see this group of people getting together again and playing a variety of games. What is your favorite party game? Let me know!


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