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When Grandma comes to visit you go to the Iowa State Fair!
When Grandma comes to visit you go to the Iowa State Fair!

My mom came to visit and help us with some projects around the house. Rhiannon doesn’t get to see her Grandparents very often as my folks live in the Black Hills of South Dakota and my husbands Mom lives in Northern California. So when we do get a visit we are excited!

First of all my Mom was blown away by how much Rhiannon is reading. She brought her some new books and Rhiannon read right through them. We also took Rhiannon to her physical to get her all ready for kindergarten. She is all good and very healthy. Something like 84 percentile for height and 74 percentile for weight. (Considering how tiny she was we are pretty happy with the increase in weight.)

I took a couple of days off to spend time with the family and Wednesday night we spent the night at the Ramada Tropics resort. I love this place. We couldn’t get Rhiannon out of the pool. (They had a Groupon deal that everyone went crazy for, myself included)

And then Thursday we all went to the Iowa State Fair for the first day. This was the year that Rhiannon discovered the rides of the Midway. We couldn’t keep her out of there! We agreed to one ride, which lead to much begging and pleading for more. We might have to take her back and buy the pass. But I can’t ride anything with her as I get very sick on any type of carnival or fair ride.

We did try the deep fried brownie on a stick..delish. We got our corn dogs and cheese curds. We had to find Hoppy’s Lemonade Shakeups. It was really a full day of fun. But I was exhausted by the end of it! I was very tempted to by a Pillow Pet for me. Rhi has two and she won’t let me use them. It is the most comfortable pillow when you are napping on the couch. I may have to go back just for that!

Rhi and I outside of Legoland

Rhi with cone

On the skyglider

Giant Slide

Midway ride

Rhi at STAR tent

Cheese curds

corn dogWith Clifford

Rhi skyglider

Rhiannon loves the skyglider. We made two trips already!

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