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Yes, I can judge a good cocktail! It’s Cocktail Wars!
Yes, I can judge a good cocktail! It’s Cocktail Wars!

So a few months ago I had a great opportunity to be a judge for Dishcrawl’s Battle Dish Des Moines. I tried amazing food from local restaurants, and really had a blast. We have an amazing little culinary center brewing in Des Moines that I feel so lucky to get to experience!

Dishcrawl does many different events promoting local restaurants. But this is something new that they are bringing our way on December 10th…it’s Cocktail Wars! Now I love a good cocktail…and I tried several amazing ones during Battle Dish Des Moines. So this event has narrowed down a ton of entries from local mixologists, and taken the top 4 to battle it out.

These are the mixologists:

Dave Murrin-von Ebers- Mixologist at Hessen Haus

Hailey Workman- Mixologist at Lime Lounge

Nick Eldredge-Mixologist at Americana

Angel Cotten- Mixologist at Cattoorson Grand & The Ridgemont

Iowa Distilling Company will play host and sponsor for Cocktail Wars. Iowa Distilling Co. is featuring three of their spirits: Steel Drum Rum, Iowa Shine Corn Whiskey, and Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey. I missed a chance to partake in a special tasting of these spirits last weekend because I was not feeling well. So believe me, it’s game on for me!

Here is the link to find out more and purchase tickets. And I have a code for you to save some money!! Woot Woot! $10 off packages or Free admission ( same value) with code “cocktailwarsdsm”.  This is happening on a week night, but trust me…we will have so much fun it will be worth calling in sick to work the next day. (I really should take that day off shouldn’t I??)

Are you in?

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