Karess Carter

You missed a great show!
You missed a great show!

I had a blast. Saturday was a great day of music at the Heroes and Saints show in St. Charles. And you probably missed it. Maybe you thought it was too far away? (I was shocked at the fact it was only a 20 minute drive!) Perhaps you were worried about rain? (We had some sprinkles during Tonic and that was all.) Maybe you had something else going on. I get it. But I’m here to rub it in. You missed one of the best days of music!

When this venue is complete, it is going to be amazing. There was so much rain leading up to this weekend of music, there was just no way they could get done what they wanted to the venue. As a music fan, I can totally appreciate their vision. I absolutely see the potential for what this is going to be. I will be back without a doubt. You provide a lineup for rock music like they had on Saturday….it’s a no brainer.

So although the attendance wasn’t what it should of been, those that were there had a blast. The bands had a ball. (I know this for a fact as I talked to them all backstage and it was like a family reunion for most of them.) There was mud. Who cares? It washes off. We had a lite dusting of rain. Didn’t stop me or many of my new friends from dancing along to Tonic. I’m going to share some pictures to give you an idea of what Saturday was all about.

Heroes and Saints

Heroes and Saints

Better Than Ezra


Tonic on stage

Better Than Ezra on stage

I had to watch BTE from the side of the stage!

Before the gates opened

I took this shot before the gates opened to give you an overview of what this will be!

a little mud

At the end of the day our feet were very soft from the mud!


Tracey and I met Luke from Chicago and his girlfriend Teresa and hung out most of the day. How can you not make new friends at a show like this?


Our web guru Apiram was my other partner in crime for the day. We didn’t care if it rained a little…it was fun!

Thank you to everyone who came and hung out with us! It was a great day of rock and roll! This place will be awesome. I had so much fun hanging with Richard Arndt, Lesson 7 and Decoy! I adore the guys from Tonic and it was so sweet to hang out with Emerson Hart, who has a new solo cd come too! Emerson was laughing at me as we danced in front of the stage during their set. Vertical Horizon was incredible as always…and I made sure we sang out loud. I can’t get the song “I’m Still Here” out of my head now!

Sister Hazel just blew me away. And then you topped it all off with Better Than Ezra. I had a chance to really talk about some artists with Kevin from the band. He just wrote a great song with Andy Grammer, and another for Matt Nathanson. So we chatted a lot about people we both know. Good times.

Were you there? Share your stories!