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Teen claims man tried to kidnap her from her home

Police are investigating an attempted abduction report where a man tried to carry a 13-year-old of her house.

Halloween 2014: Beggars' night list

Times for trick-or-treat beggars' nights and other Halloween events.

Farmer reports $18,000 in stolen soybeans

An Iowa farmer says someone has stolen about $18,000 worth of soybeans from 18 acres

Iowa man pleads guilty in 'money tree' bank robbery

An Iowa man has pleaded guilty to his part in a Missouri bank robbery after which the suspects left their loot in a tree.

Iowa man sentenced in child porn case

A 21-year-old Iowa man has been sentenced to 16 years and four months in federal prison for possessing child pornography.

Iowa county doubles beaver bounty to $50

County supervisors say an aging trapper who had kept the beaver population in check retired because of his physical limitations.

West Des Moines moves to limit panhandling

The ordinance also would bar "aggressive panhandling" anywhere in the city.

Parents shocked by school employee's arrest

Parents from Lincoln High School said they were shocked by the news of a school employee’s arrest and sexual exploitation charge.

East High players focusing on what's ahead

East High players said the decision is fair, but that doesn't mean they're not still disappointed this all happened in the first place.

Home improvement business receives ‘F’ rating

Investigators are asking the public to come forward if anyone has done business with the company.

Pull over or keep going; What to do in an emergency situation

So what should you do, even in a medical emergency, if you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror?

Police: Man threatens to eat officer’s children

A man who is accused of stealing an SUV from a dealership led officers on a high-speed chase in Wisconsin.

County supervisor gets 30 days in jail for shooting gun

A county supervisor was sentenced Tuesday for domestic abuse assault.

4-year-old airlifted after serious crash

The crash involved a Jeep and a semitrailer.

City working to reduce plastic bag distribution

One city has unanimously voted to resume a study of plastic bags as officials work to reduce their distribution in the city.

State unemployment rate sees slight bump

Iowa’s unemployment rate increased slightly last month.

Graziano's lawyer: 'He's accepting responsibility'

The owner of a Des Moines pharmacy has long denied distributing pain killers illegally, but is now accepting a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

Police: Woman claims her kids are in danger in pharmacy theft

Authorities say a woman lied to a pharmacy worker about a man threatening to hurt the woman's children if she didn't get him some drugs.

Report: 1 killed, 1 injured in crash

Rescue crews were called to a crash east of Grand Junction Tuesday afternoon, where at least one person has died.

University placed on brief lockdown after gun report

The university said the situation was resolved without incident, but did not elaborate.

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