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So I had a weird dream about Taylor Swift…

So I had a weird dream about Taylor Swift…

I rarely remember my dreams. I used to be much better about it, but pretty much since I turned 30, oh, a couple years ago, I don’t remember nearly as many of my dreams. The ones that I do are usually the weird ones. Last night, was just such a dream.

I freely admit that I like Taylor Swift. I like her a lot. I’ve seen her in concert 4 times and have thoroughly enjoyed every time. She gets a lot of grief from critics, but if you knew some of the stories that I know about Taylor, you’d know just how incredibly kind, attentive, and caring of a person she really is. She also comes across as someone that is having a lot of fun doing what she’s doing.

That brings me to my dream last night. I don’t remember exactly how I got to where I was, but all I know is that I was backstage at one of Taylor’s shows. She played Nashville last night, but I don’t know if this place was Nashville. Anyway, I’m hanging around backstage in the catering area where the artists, band, and crew eat. I’m chatting with a nameless, faceless friend when Taylor walks in. She’s in sweatpants and a t-shirt and is saying hello to everyone. She grabs some food and heads for the table at which I’m sitting. She sits down and says, “Hey guys, what’s up?” and begins to eat her sandwich like it’s no big deal that one of the biggest stars in the world just sat down.

I notice that she’s drinking Diet Coke, which is well done on my part for remembering one of her main tour sponsors. She’s drinking it in a big cup with ice. I pick up the cup and take a drink like it was one of my own. Taylor is not fazed by this. I apparently have permission to drink out of Taylor Swift’s cup. She then says, “Try not to spill it this time, huh?” Well now I’m just confused. Am I a regular? Am I a back-up dancer? Am I a band member? I take another drink of her soda and this time, my butter fingers drop the cup and it spills on the table. Taylor is either psychic or knows me too well. She laughs it off and keeps eating.

This is where it gets odd. Taylor’s real-life bestie, Selena Gomez, has walked in the room and she doesn’t look happy. Taylor turns and waves to her and Selena gives a half-hearted wave back. Selena is being tailed by a dog. Meanwhile, Taylor has finished eating, as have I apparently. She says to me, “Let’s go!” and crouches down in front of me with her back to me. She is in the standard position for someone to hop on for a piggy-back ride. Well, since I’m in a dream and appear to have carte blanche with Ms. Swift, I hop on. Taylor then races around the room with me on her back, laughing the whole time. It’s infectious, so I start to laugh too.

We then come across Selena, who is now curled up in a corner, eating a sandwich from a paper plate and staring at the dog, also laying on the floor. Selena is not amused by our antics. Taylor talks to Selena, but I can’t hear the conversation for some reason. All I hear is the tail end where Selena looks up and me and says, “Have fun though!” with a clear roll of the eyes. I have apparently stolen her best friend.

Yep. In my dream, I am best friends with Taylor Swift and she gives me piggy-back rides.

My recollection of the dream starts to trail off at this point. I know that I talked with a couple of the back-up dancers as they were getting dressed for the show that was apparently about to start. The last thing I remember is walking out of the room and suddenly finding myself standing under the stage on which Taylor was about to perform. Taylor is right behind me and has changed into her outfit for the first song. She leans over and kisses me half on the lips, half on the cheek. She says, “Whoops! Sorry, it’s dark in here, I missed!”

Missed what? Missed my lips or missed my cheek? Am I dating Taylor Swift?

The last thing I remember is hearing her sing “22” while I continue eating a sandwich that I thought I had finished earlier.

Write a song about THAT Taylor.

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