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The 5 Best Moments from the 2013 VMAs

The 5 Best Moments from the 2013 VMAs

I told myself after last year that I wouldn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards anymore, but the lure of everything that was teased brought me back in. Nevermind that I felt like an adult shopping at Abercrombie while I was watching. More times than I like to admit, I found myself staring at the screen saying, “Who is that?” I’d watch more MTV, but I don’t care about Teen Mom Real World Challenge Part 3.

First off, the worst thing about last night. Miley Cyrus. I’m not sugar coating this or being funny in any way. That was embarrassing. It was trashy. It was uncomfortable. Miley Cyrus went from cute pop/country singer to pop slutty very quickly. She’s unattractive, sounds terrible “singing” live, and is a general embarrassment. If I had children, I would have sent them out of the room during that performance. Based on what we saw last night from Miley Cyrus, we all owe Lindsay Lohan an apology.


And now for the BEST moments from the show:

5. Jimmy Fallon introducing Justin Timberlake

You can tell these two are good friends. Jimmy spoke from the heart in a very funny way. You know he respects Justin a lot. Jimmy’s introduction was one that I wanted to rewind over and over!

4. Lady Gaga – “Applause”

I like this song, I don’t love it. But the performance was so vintage Gaga that you couldn’t help but stand and take notice. It was flashy, over the top, weird, and fun. It was Lady Gaga to a T. This song has gotten a slow start, but I think her performance actually helps the song.

3.┬áMacklemore & Ryan Lewis perform “Same Love”

This was the best non-Justin Timberlake moment of the night. It was a heartfelt performance of one of the most important hip-hop songs of the last 10 years. It needs to be stated that Macklemore is an independent artist. He doesn’t have a big, rich record label backing him. He’s doing this all mostly on his own. He’s the biggest success story in music of this decade. If you can, you really need to make plans to see him October 30 at Wells Fargo Arena.

2. A TLC movie on VH1

This wasn’t even a moment during the show, it was during a commercial break, so most people may have missed it. VH1 has a TLC documentary movie coming up in October and it looks awesome. The story of TLC is one of the most fascinating in music. They were one of the biggest selling female groups of all time and they lost it all, then got it back, then lost it all again with the death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. I will be eagerly watching this movie when it comes out.

1. Justin Timberlake/NSYNC reunion

As if it could have been anything else. The music world was buzzing all weekend with talk of an NSYNC reunion during Justin Timberlake’s Video Vanguard Award performance. Sure enough, it happened, for 102 glorious seconds. Before the band reappeared, Justin did a stroll through a catalog of his biggest hits. Working his way backward through his career. Once he finished with his biggest solo songs, you knew it was coming. While it was really fun to see the five guys back together, it was clear that 10 years had passed. Chris Kirkpatrick (far right in pic) looked old, chubby, and slow. The band didn’t have the crispness that they once did, but I’m sure this performance was rushed and didn’t get proper attention to detail.

In all, the VMAs were their usual hot mess. Weird outfits, weird presentations, weird performances. In the end, it was an award show wrapped around a 15-minute Justin Timberlake tribute that made watching the rest worth it.

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